The Somerton Man was well dressed, the clothes that he was wearing, and those in his suitcase were of reasonable quality, and well cared for. There was a 'rather masculine' repair on one of his trouser pockets. His shoes had been well polished. It would appear that the Somerton Man had not been poor whilst he was alive.

Most, but not all of the labels had been removed from his clothing, the clothing which still had their labels were the newer clothes that had been purchased in Australia. This could indicate that the Somerton man was from over seas and did not want to leave clues as to his country of origin, or it could be that the labels had his name on them, or it could be that the clothes were second hand and had the original owners name on. There are a few possibilities here.

"The Somerton Man wore a jacket on top of a shirt and a pullover on a very warm day. This almost certainly indicates he was not a local. It probably also rules out the theory that he was a Stockman from Queensland. A Queenslander would not be accustomed to overdressing so warmly." I personally have a problem with this line of thinking, I am from "sunny old England" I am quite accustomed to dressing 'warmly', I am quite certain that if I visited Australia I would be down to my "reggie's" before the plane hit the tarmac. Personally, I think it could indicate that he was ill, and feeling cold even though it was very warm.

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