John Edmund Thomas O'Sullivan (Suggested by Dan Botham)

John Edmund Thomas O'Sullivan, AKA Carl Mattiske, AKA Patrick Daly, AKA Daniel Sullivan, AKA Patrick Michael Kevin Murphy, AKA Thomas O'Brien (Aliases taken from police gazette). "John Fitzgerald" & "Patrick Malachi Burke" are two further aliases taken from a newspaper*. With so many aliases is it possible he also went by the name Carl Thompsen? Mr O'Sullivan had been a labourer in Renmark at about the right time for him to have known Keith Mangnoson.

Miner?, (Civil) Engineer?, Labourer?, Thief?, of no fixed abode. Nearly died of exposure, been in Renmark hospital, Been in Adelaide Hospital, Previously attempted suicide - large laceration inside right elbow and lacerations to left wrist, Memory problems, Bleeding from nose and ear, Previous skull surgery - Hydrocephalus? Brain tumour? Fractured Skull? Mastoiditis? Mr O'Sullivan had been in various hospitals over the years, is it possible that he had met Jestyn in one of these hospitals? 

I think we can eliminate Mr O'Sullivan though on the grounds that he would be well known to the police and his fingerprints would be on file. Mr O'Sullivan's story is however closer to where I suspect the truth may lie. A man with multiple alias, medical problems that required specialist treatment and signs of previous attempts at committing suicide. The lacerations on Mr O'Sullivan would seem to match those on the Somerton Man. 

Trying to chart Mr O'Sullivan's life is not straight forward. He has multiple aliases and it isn't always easy to tell if a newspaper article is about Mr O'Sullivan using one of his aliases, or another person who happens to have that name. It would seem he had multiple run-ins with the police and was in and out of both hospital and jail. Mr O'Sullivan was a native of New Zealand, so you never know perhaps it is even possible he had met E.B. Collins.

This is a picture of Mr O'Sullivan from 1933. I suppose it's hard to tell, a person's appearance can change a lot in 15 years, but he doesn't look much like the Somerton Man to me. He apparently grew the moustache to cover a scar on his upper lip which he gained as the result of an altercation with another man. Would the scar have completely disappeared in 15 years, or would there still be a mark left behind? He was in hospital at one point to have an abscess behind his right ear lanced. Anybody with a bit more medical knowledge able to comment on this? Anybody know if the Somerton man had a scar behind one of his ears? He also had a major operation on his head, a craniotomy. The Somerton Man's skull was apparently 'normal'. I am quite certain that had there been signs of multiple surgical operations on the Somerton Man skull they would have been noted in the autopsy/coronial inquest.

[1] Here is a selection of newspaper articles charting his life.

1906 Born in Wellington, New Zealand.
1923 or 1925 Had an altercation with another young man over the love of a woman, which resulted in a laceration to his upper lip.
1929 May Arrested in Wellington for Forgery and 'Uttering' Given 18 months hard labour plus 2 years
1932 March Found Unconscious at Ryde (Sydney) Identified as John Edmund Thomas O'Sullivan by a Wellinton Post Office Bank Book.
1932 June Jailed for 6 months for 'imposing' on a hotel keeper.
1932 November Jailed for a further month for altering his bank book. (where had his money gone?)
1933 March Jailed for 6 months for the illegal use of a motor car.
1933 September Found in street in New Farm, Queensland. Taken to Brisbane Hospital
Can apparently speek 5 languages
1933 November Has an operation on his brain in Brisbane. Is identified by a woman he had once been dating back in New Zealand.
1934 January Is discharged from Brisbane Hospital
1937 August Found unconscious in the Road near Keith, Adelaide
Has another operation on his head
1937 November Is discharge from Hospital
1937 November Is charged with vagrancy, having insufficient lawful means of supporting himself.
1937 November Arrested for failing to appear in court and for stealing the possessions of another prisoner.
1937 December Attempts to commit suicide on a train whilst being escorted by police from Port Augusta to Port Pirie. >>> Large scar inside his elbow and on his wrists.
1938 February Found unconscious in road bleeding from his nose and mouth with a fractured skull. He was taken to Renmark Hospital
1938 March Didn't make it to Adelaide. Found unconscious in road near Pinnaroo, taken to Pinnaroo hospital.
1938 April Recognised and identified as John Edmund Thomas O'Sullivan.
1938 April Charged with Maligering and given 6 weeks imprisonment with hard labour.

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