Ina Harvey and the Strathmore Hotel

In 1948, Ina Harvey was working as a receptionist at the Strathmore Hotel, which was just across the street from Adelaide Railway Station. In 1982, she was interviewed by Tom Loftus from Adelaide News. Harvey recalled a “strong and fit”, “professional” man with “an air of refinement” who had checked into the Hotel a few days before the 1st of December, 1948.

She noted that “[He] had no baggage, except for a small black case – such as a doctor or musician who played the flute might carry”. Because she had suspicions about the man, she asked an employee to go into the man’s room (#21 or #23, she couldn’t recall) and have a look in the mysterious case – to her surprise, “the only item in the case was a needle”. Furthermore, “[from the employee’s] description I got the impression it could have been a hypodermic syringe.”

Gerry Feltus very helpfully included the text of Ina Harvey’s interview with Tom Loftus in “The Unknown Man” (pp.197-200).

Harvey's account of events has been called into question, Gerry Feltus apparently says her account is ‘all crap.’ DA says ‘it’s best to ignore her and even her relatives thought she was 'a bit queer'. [1]

Ina Harvey is the sister of Lawrence Elliot, the man who embalmed the Somerton Man.